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What is Resounding Health™?

  • A place to collect, organize, personalize, store and share the results of your searches on health topics
  • A friend that travels with you to other sites, providing on-demand access to our knowledge base
  • A "web within the web" of topics on anything you want to know about health and wellness
  • A self-organizing knowledge base powered by an advanced medical ontology engine (MOE)
  • A toolkit for authoring and publishing health information in CaseBooks™

What is a CaseBook™?

  • Your notebook to collect, organize, personalize, store and share the results of searches on health topics
  • Your unique collection of information from different online sources, automatically organized and integrated for you by MOE - our Medical Ontology Engine
  • Your CaseBook(s) are confidential and visible only to you, unless you decide to share them with other visitors to our site

What are Topics and Active Topics?

  • Topics are terms from a vocabulary database of medical and health-related concepts.
  • Active topics are those that users have associated with recent CaseBooks™.


In the News

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Consumers now have a powerful new tool for online health search and personalized medicine. Resounding Health™ combines a special medical search engine and database with the ability of users to customize it for their own needs and readily share their search results with others, including their health care providers.

A unique feature of the site are CaseBooks™, free e-books that contain essential information from credible, authoritative sources in a convenient package that users can create, build on, link to, print and share with their doctors, caregivers and others. Future releases will enable users to link CaseBooks to their electronic health records.

You can jump right in and type a search tem into Resounding Health™ but, to get the most out of its features, we suggest that you watch the
videos or consult our help pages.


Selected Casebooks
Casebooks are medical 'e-books' authored by contributors to our website. We encourage you to create Casebooks so other users of our web site can benefit from your research. To learn more click here.

See all shared casebooks
Childhood Leukemia
Premature Labor
Alternative medicine Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)
Lewy Body Disease Another type of dementia
Coronary Angiography Cardiac catheterization
Stress Fracture
Mesothelioma Lung cancer caused by asbestos
Pulmonary Fibrosis
Broken Arm
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Active Topics
The following medical topics are currently highly active within the Resounding Health website indicating increased user interest.
Corneal Diseases

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