Help - A Tour of the Basics

STEP 1  


There are many ways "into" the Resounding Health website. We will cover one simple path through an attempt to find information about a condition.

You wake up one morning with an all to familiar feeling of pressure and pain in your face. It feels like a sinus infection is coming on. Let us see if Resounding Health can help us. A natural place to begin is in the search bar at the top left of the page - 'Search our Site'.

You enter 'sinus infection' (since that is a term you know) and hit enter:









  The results of the search are displayed. What gets displayed here will depend on what the system has already learned from its users and the knowledge bases, but here we see some pages users have bookmarked that are related to sinus infection, plus three concepts. It looks like we are interested in one of the sinusitises, but which one.  We double click the word MAXILLARY. Note this is the word in the text, not the highlighted link.





Well, Maxillary Sinus is all about the face -- this is what I want.

I can click on the Wikipedia link and learn more about the anatomy of the Sinus, but I know everything I need to know at this point.

So I return to the previous page, and click on the Maxillary Sinus link.

Any terms on a Resounding Health webpage may be double-clicked in this fashion, so if you are reading about a term you do not uderstand it is easy to find information about it. Simply double click it -- try Maxillary Sinus.




I have some 'prewired' links to search engines to find more about this topic (in 'Reference Information'). But the graph is interesting. it shows me that other users have related Maxillary Sinusitis to plain-old  Sinusitis. Perhaps I should check that out by following the directions to click through to this new topic.
















Well, this is a lot more interestring. I have reference links as before, but now a collection of related topics that the system has determined for me, as well as a list of medications that can help my condition. The related topics have come about becuase of the background processing the system does as people bookmark pages - it analyses the pages and determines the relationships between medical topics on the page, so a page about Asthma, say, may have some relationship to Sinus conditions.  The symbol after the topic name takes you to web pages that contain the related topics, so, for example, you could continue your research to see if nasal polyps were somehow related to your sinusisitis. Also, notice that people's researches have led to connections between sinusitis and hay-fever ....

So far we have seen how to search for information and seen how the results of other people's searches can help us find information. Well, see how we can store the results of our own searches for our and other peoples' uses in the next part of the tour.


This web-site is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your doctor. It should not to be used for self-diagnosis or treatment.