Help - Medical Topics

There are many good search engines around, so it is natural to ask what makes Resounding health different and why do we believe it is useful?

Most search engines know about words, but not what the words mean. Often this does not matter as users will know to add words to their searches to make sure they scoop up enough hits -- for instance "florida vacation holiday getaway". The medical field is different because it uses a lot of specialized medical terminology, and most people neither know nor understand these terms. So, for example, you may be searching for the phrase "breast cancer" and be totally unaware of the phrase "breast neoplasm" which means the same thing.

Resounding Health addresses this problem in a number of ways, chief of which is its use of what we call the "Medical Ontology Engine" (or MOE, for short). MOE 'understands', and has a vocabulary of, over 30000 medical terms and phrases (as well as over 4000 FDA approved drugs). It is always trying to understand information presented to it in terms of this vocabulary, and all the information discovered by, or added to, the Resounding Health Web site is interpreted according to this vocabulary.

With MOE this information is always available to you. Try double clicking the word breastor neoplasmabove (and use the back button in your browser to return here when you are done).

Note that these words are not hypertext links! Whenever you see the Resounding Health logo  at the top of a web page this ability to look up any word or phrase in MOE is automatically available to you. Any web pages you reach by following links from the Resounding Health web site will automatically be enabled in this fashion.

MOE understand 33,000 plus medical concepts, and a smaller number of these (several thousand), which we refer to as Topics, are natural 'targets' of medical research. For instance, Asthma is a natural Topic for researching, whereas Albuterol, while connected to Asthma (it is an ingredient of many  Asthma medications -- double click it and see) would not itself be a prime topic of research.

Users create and use 'casebooks' on the Resounding Health web site. These casebooks are associated with a small number of medical Topics and contain a collection of links found by the creator of the casebook. Since casebooks "know" the topics the user is interested in, they can help guide the user through the thickets of medical information.




This web-site is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your doctor. It should not to be used for self-diagnosis or treatment.