Help - Toolbar

If you have reached a site through a series of links originating at Resounding Health then the Resounding Health toolbar will accompany you. It shows its presence by the small Resounding Health icon in the top left hand corner of the web site you are visiting. It also follows you around the Resounding Health website -- it is currently in the top left hand corner of your web browser.

If the Resounding Health icon's head has a rotating halo then this means this page has been visited and bookmarked by other Resounding Health users. Almost certainly this indicates users have found the information to be valuable for some topics.

When you move your mouse over this icon the toolbar will appear and overlay part of the website (try it now !). The toolbar will persist until you close it (using the x in the top right corner) or cause the web page to change or be refreshed.

The toolbar will look something like this:

The toolbar gives you the following functionality:

Return to the Resounding Health home page. Closes the toolbar.
You are here.
Close this toolbar. You will loose the ability to bookmark this (and successive) web pages and the ability to do the "smart doubleclicking". You may want to do this if the wrapped page is non-functional because of the way Resounding Health intercepts the web page (which, hopefully, is a rare occurrence).
This web page has been bookmarked by one or more users. Go to information about how this page is being used, what other medical information the Resounding Health system discovered on this page, and other relevant links. If the page has already been bookmarked, you will see a list of bookmarks containing:
  • The topic it was bookmarked against
  • Any comments the user left
Option to login or register (if you are not already logged in). You will be returned to this web page after login.
[user name]
Go to your home page. This toolbar will close.
[Active casebook]
This shows you the name of your currently active casebook. You can change the active casebook from here.

If you wish to bookmark this page you can:

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