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Welcome to the Resounding Health Web Site. You can explore the web site and find useful informtion without ever registering and logging in, but you will miss out on a number of great advantages the Resounding Health web site has to offer:

  • You have no way of storing and organizing the information you find

  • The system does not know your interests and so cannot customize its search capabiltiies for you

  • You have no way of sharing your discoveries and interests with others with similar interests.

When you register and login you will have the ability to create Casebooks. A Casebook serves two functions:

  1. It gives you a permanent place to store the information you have collected from many different web sites.

  2. It helps guide your searches since when you create a casebook you tell it the medical topics you are interested in. Of course you may have several casebooks covering widely differing topics.

The Resounding Health web site draws its power by drawing on information our users find and add to their casebooks. The more people register and use the site, the greater the quantity and quality of medical information will be gathered, indexed and correlated with users' interests.

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