The Resounding Health website provides tools to help seekers of on-line medical information locate high-quality, customized information and benefit from the results of others' searches.

Our website consists of a knowledge base of medicines, medical terminology and concepts, and a dynamic database of relationships between all of these. Our site enables users to exploit this information to help guide their on-line searches. Users may also recommend web pages they find, and other users with similar search criteria will be presented with these and related web pages. As web pages are evaluated by our users and added to the site, special software searches the pages for more medical concepts and further indexes the pages. Over time we expect the site to grow to hundreds of thousands of searcahble links between web pages, all based on the medical knoweldge the pages contain.

While the web site offers benefits to the casual browser, the most benefit will be experienced by those users who are registered and logged in.

User Guides

The following user-guides are available:

Registration and login - the advantagesThe Basics 1 - Getting around
The Basics 2 - Medical TopicsThe Toolbar
The Casebook

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