Name: Craniopharyngioma

Description: Benign brain tumor

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  • Craniopharyngioma -- A benign pituitary-region neoplasm that originates from Rathke's pouch. The two major histologic and clinical subtypes are adamantinous (or classical) craniopharyngioma and papillary craniopharyngioma. The adamantinous form presents in children and adolescents as an expanding cystic lesion in the pituitary region. The cystic cavity is filled with a black viscous substance and histologically the tumor is composed of adamantinomatous epithelium and areas of calcification and necrosis. Papillary craniopharyngiomas occur in adults, and histologically feature a squamous epithelium with papillations. (From Joynt, Clinical Neurology, 1998, Ch14, p50)
  • Adult Craniopharyngioma -- This is a pituitary tumor, which most frequently presents in children, but can occur throughout life. It arises in cells derived from Rathke's pouch. The tumor may interfere with pituitary function. Findings may include endocrine disturbances and pressure symptoms. Diagnostic procedure(s) include: MRI is the scan of choice. Standard treatment options include: surgery alone if totally resectable or debulking surgery plus radiation therapy if unresectable. - 2003
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