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Name Summary Author Published Number of Reads
Broken elbow Elbow fracture 2009-06-18 2530
neurofibrosarcoma 2011-09-30 2470
Neck Pain/ Cervical dislocation Dislocation of neck vertebra 2009-10-19 2281
Traumatic brain injury Such as epidural hematoma (bleeding into the brain after a bump on the head) 2009-06-28 2224
Throat cancer Cancer of the larynx or pharynx 2009-06-21 2189
Cardiac Arrest Definition and causes 2009-06-25 2180
lorazepam midazolam diazepam Ativan Versed Valium Pepper_PhD 2009-08-25 2131
Burns skin burns 2009-07-16 2030
Liver Transplant Why would you need one? 2009-06-20 2015
H1N1 (Swine) Flu Diagnosis Important basic information and Frequently Asked Questions Arrowsmith 2009-10-11 1936
Pneumonia NHLBI Prajkta 2009-10-01 1903
Stress Fracture 2009-09-16 1895
Lupus butterfly rash source: NIEHS Dr21205 2010-05-27 1888
Cystic Fibrosis NHLBI Prajkta 2009-10-01 1871
Lung Cancer Pepper_PhD 2009-08-29 1835
Sex Addiction Don Juanism, satyriasis, nymphomania, Hypersexual Disorder Pepper_PhD 2009-12-11 1776
Craniopharyngioma Benign brain tumor 2009-08-17 1757
Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Lymphoma (not Hodgkin's Disease) 2009-06-17 1726
Pancreas Cancer Genetics environmental and genetic risk factors 2009-05-11 1711
Breast Cancer Causes, screening, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment,supportive care and coping 2009-06-24 1654

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